Local Artists

We are host to many of the great artists and products of the Sea to Sky Corridor, Our Corridor is bursting with talent and we are the place to find it all.

* Pemberton* Whistler * Squamish *

* And beyond ...

including many artists from Vancouver, Vancouver Island, the BC interior & across Canada.  We have so much talent in this corridor, and beyond, and One Earth Collection is the place to find it all!

We continue to grow & evolve with more artists joining our collection every year.

Shop Local.      Shop Handmade.      Shop Unique.

Are you interested in Selling your crafty creations in our Shop? ......

If your the maker and live in Canada send us an email. Tell me a little bit about you and your art. Email us any photo's and details. We are excited to share our space with you & We look forward to speaking with you !  


We welcome you to our community Artisan gift shop.

One Earth Collection !

Global Imports

We source some of our unique products from around the world, buying directly from the families and artists that are making the goods.  We love to support communities in need and help to generate a healthy, fair trade market.   Each year we travel to South East Asia to attend the many wonderful markets & night market throughout Thailand & beyond.  I adore the Thai people and they have the same love for handmade as we do. So naturally it is a perfect place to go to find unique pieces for the shop.  We find so many unique items when we are traveling, and want to share the stories and pieces with Pemberton. It is always an epic adventure each and every time. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to travel for work and go shopping in exotic countries with my mother Debbie. So many memories that I will cherish for ever. We look forward to expanding geographically to bring you treasures from many different places in the future.

​​One Earth Collection is an artisan gift shop nestled in the quaint mountain town of Pemberton, BC. We love our community, our artists and our environment! We are a place of sharing, creativity and inspiration. We carry unique, handmade local products for every occasion.